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Muling Muling River to its name. Muling realm , in ancient times were Sushen residence . Eastern Han Dynasty , was a descendant of Sushen pour Lou , the Wuji Northern Territory , Bohai period of the Tang Dynasty horse ranch . Modern development began in the Qing Tongzhi Muling years ( 1863 ) , Xuantong first year ( 1909 ) to build Muling County , February 1, 1946 the establishment of a democratic government Muling County , February 23, 1954 Muling County the establishment of the People's Committee , April 21, 1967 Muling County revolutionary Committee composed of 29 September 1980 to restore Muling County People's Government establishment.
April 8, 1995 the Bank approved according to Ministry of Civil Affairs document [ 1995 ] No. 18 and the Heilongjiang Provincial Civil Affairs Department CMBC to [ 1995 ] No.33 spirit , undo Muling County , formally established Muling Muling Municipal People's Government established . Long years , the vicissitudes . Looking back at history , where people can see the descendants of Rong side TOYE brilliant feat , you can hear the epic hero who died hundreds of heroic deeds . This piece Qingshanxiushui , not only bred generations of blood and children, but also for the country created a one Dong Liang Zhongjian : There are extraordinary courage , outstanding achievements of the Ministry , provincial leaders ; has commanding strategizing generals , commander ; has abundant experience or the attack on the scientific research institutions , or taught at institutions of higher education experts and professors ; had to join the sea , the cause of outstanding overseas Chinese , although far away from their homeland ...... but nostalgia still serve the elders , and make sincere for the development Muling dedication. Qing Dynasty is Ningguta deputy general jurisdiction . Guangxu dynasty pilot Mita, after Ningguta to post road opened Crossroads , cultivated people getting set, Tuen Mun- off .
January 11, 1903 ( Qing dynasty, twenty years on December 13 ) , the Qing government approval to set Muling River of anti- governor , under the Sui Fen Hall . June 2, 1909 ( Xuantong first year April 15 ) , the Qing court approval , will be under the jurisdiction of the governor Muling River branch locations to set up anti- Muling County Seat in the Chengzi ( now Xingyuan town ) . January 2, 1910 ( Xuantong first year Nov. 21 ) , the Home Secretary , " Sapporo ON" , the Commission Muling County Department official test . In the same year on April 17 ( the Qing Xuantong 28 early March ) , the magistrate Wang Rongchang ' arrival shall serve . " Under the jurisdiction of Jilin Road, SE . After the founding of the Republic , still attached to the southeast Muling County Road, Jilin Province , in June 1914 under the aegis of ylang Road . February 1929 , after the revocation Road area , directly under the Jilin Province. April 26, 1930 , the county octahedral site moved through the town . When third-class county , the county's total population of 4.4 million people. After the fall of the Northeast , the early part of Jilin Province , in December 1934 the province was placed under the Riverside , in July 1937 the new province was placed under the jurisdiction of Mudanjiang . October 1938 , the county moved to address Muleng Street (now Muleng town ) . June 1, 1939 , will xilinhe , Pacific Ridge and black trench wife , Xiao Mu River, Yongsan and other places under the newly set Suiyang County and Linkou . After October 1943 , the province has attached to the East over the total , East full provincial jurisdiction . Third Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China , especially since Muling county to a city , Muling People develop " pragmatic and pioneering Fenfei ," the vigorous spirit , by the edge of the right place , with the harmonious potential , according united struggle force, leading reform and opening up , so that the piece of the legendary " Cheng马兴龙" of the land , entered the province's top ten counties (cities ) , nine dragons county ( city ) and fourteen county ( city) ranks.

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Muleng (líng), is part of Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, county-level city , located in the southeast of Heilongjiang Province... 


Muleng (líng), is part of Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, county-level city , located in the southeast of Heilongjiang Province... 


Muleng (líng), is part of Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, county-level city , located in the southeast of Heilongjiang Province ... 

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